Integrating PR into Digital Marketing Strategy

integrating pr into digital marketing strategy

Have you integrated PR into your digital marketing strategy? It’s time to forget “link building” of SEO days gone by and start focusing on how PR can generate powerful links back to your business.

Gone are the days of link farms, blog comments, link swaps, and guest blogs. However, it is still a known fact that legitimate links to your website are a ranking factor for higher placement on search engine result pages. We’re talking links from the Huffington Posts, local and national news sites, .orgs, .edus, and other well known websites in your industry. But how do you go about getting these in today’s evolving digital landscape? Your greatest tool for generating powerful links is public relations.

Integrating PR into your probably already complicated digital marketing strategy may seem intimidating. It doesn’t need to! In fact, you are likely already doing things as a business owner that lend themselves to future PR opportunities: getting involved in your community, volunteering, sponsoring your child’s athletic team, or working with interns or local universities. The key is recognizing the PR niches where your business and branding fits, and tapping into those resources. And, as an added benefit, using these resources is almost always a sure way to build trust and loyalty with customers.

Public relations and marketing strategies need to work hand in hand to achieve common goals like increased revenue, brand awareness and customer loyalty. Are we suggesting you should spend your entire marketing budget with a PR firm to try get links? Definitely not. Instead, we will help you recognize how PR can help your brand, and we will teach you to integrate tools and tricks that open your eyes to the many opportunities available to your business. You’d be surprised at how much can happen when you spend even five or ten minutes a day on public relations.

Are you ready to learn about how your team can implement foolproof PR strategies in a hassle-free way? Good, because it’s time to unleash your digital growth.

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Veronica possesses around 9 years of experience in the online marketing industry. She’s currently serving as President and Co-Founder of LoSoMo Inc, a digital marketing agency specializing in location-based business organizations. In this role, Veronica manages the company’s full scope of marketing products including the company’s Website Design & Development, SEO, Paid Search, Social Media services, Email Marketing, Reputation management, and more.

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