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5 Must-Read Articles for Digital Growth Unleashed Attendees

5 must read articles for DGU18 attendees

We know how nerve-wracking it can be to attend a digital summit, especially if you’ve been hiding in your digital cave for too long. So now that Digital Growth Unleashed is kicking off tomorrow, we thought we’d help calm your nerves a bit. And what better way to do that than to help you prepare for the event?

Whether you’re new to the conference circuit or a seasoned road warrior, you’re more likely to get the most out of your attendance at Digital Growth Unleashed (or any other digital summit or conference, for that matter) if you come well-prepared. Here are five excellent posts that will boost your confidence and ease your conference-fright:

The Ultimate Pre-Conference Checklist – Rosemary O’Neill shares some tips on how you can have a more productive conference experience (Thanks to Tom Bowen of Web Site Optimizers for the heads up on this article).

5 Ways to Optimize the Business Value of Attending Conferences – Lee Oden dispenses advice on how you can make a conference pay for itself.

How To Make The Most Of Your Next Industry Conference – Mark Goulston provides insights on how you can build successful and long-lasting relationships with speakers and colleagues while at a conference.

10 Things to Prepare Before Attending a Conference – Deborah Shane has useful tips on what to do before, during, and after a conference to make your attendance more productive.

Seven Ways To Prepare Before You Attend Your Next Business ConferencePeter Daisyme shares ways you can maximize your ROI of time and money spent at a conference and heighten your overall experience.

If you checked off all of the things you need to get yourself ready for Digital Growth Unleashed, congratulations! Make sure to get some rest the night before the conference so you have enough energy for two amazing days with digital marketing optimization leaders.

P.S. Make sure to plan the sessions you want to attend – check out the session descriptions here!

BUZZER! Why Attend Aimclear’s Integrated Psychographics, Search, Radical Targeting, Revenue & Branding Workshop!

marty weintraub unleashed

Paradoxically, now that paid social advertising channels at open-wide adoption, many marketers can’t score social ROI at scale in social alone. Stand true, courageous marketers! There are often easy wins skillfully segmenting marketing “Integration.”  We’ll share proven, integrated marketing techniques which optimize and expand marketing programs for greater leads and sales. Boom!

Learn how advanced marketers expand multi-channel conversion by integrating paid & organic: social, search, PR, offline, and other data. We’ll demonstrate using Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, YouTube, and share fabulous hacks to integrate social with AdWords and segmented, filtered retargeting/remarketing.

We’ll also take a swing at paid and organic social fixes in response to the new “Facebook Zero” mess, as FB has nearly eliminated propagation of publisher, brand and news content in the organic news feed.

marty weintraub integrated marketing DGU18

Join Marty Weintraub, Founder of AIMCLEAR®, 2X winner of Best Large Integrated Agency, 10 total US Search Awards, storied client credits and 6X Inc. 5000 for a no-holds-barred full day workshop shredding session to demystify and empower attendees:

  • What the hell does “Integrated” mean anyway?
  • Psycho vs. Demo & Why ARE We Here?
  • Practical Social Psychographics for Profit
  • Psychographic Research, Proxies & Planning
  • Creative Segmentation! The Last Mile of Psychographic Targeting
  • PR & Social Psychographic Influencer Marketing
  • Organic Psychographics
  • Advanced Integration: Social Psychographics, SEM, SEO, PR & Data Management
  • Execution-by-hand, assistive technology vs. full automationfacebook targeting

Integrated Marketing Machines

I’ll share some of AIMCLEAR’s vaunted secret sauce, laying out hands-on channel techniques we know work to execute by hand, with assistive technology and/or full automation.

Creative Mapping. Radiate successful creative to & from any channel. This technique helped win two US Search Awards and transformed several client programs. Integrated creative is the future.

Target Persona Schemas w/ Templated Purchase Clarity: Map core search concepts & psychographic intent-layer-templates for powerful (re)targeting. This technique embodies marketing integration. Learn to run paid social in a 1:1 metaphor with search PPC. Again, this is part of the future of marketing integration and data management.

Audience Density Analysis

Psychographic Analysis for Complete Custom Audience Clarity

psychographic analysis
  • Study Single Pages & Themed Clusters
  • Build Mind Blowing Persona Reports
  • Parse Empirical Purchase Affinities
  • Advise Creative Strategy & Treatments
  • Crank Inbred Amplification Targeting
  • Slice Success traffic, Target Elements
  • Comprehend Keyword Psychographics
  • Segment Influencers for PR, SEO, Branding & Conversion
  • Map Lookalike Extrapolation
  • Mine Intent Data for Inside Banner Sales
  • Cause Keyword Search Early: Reduce Search Frequency (This one’s a real toe-tapper)

Filtered Retargeting Module, with Creative Mapping for and easy ROI boost. Learn to layer additional psychographic targeting variables at the keyword, creative and/or concept levels. This technique is little discussed and we’ve been using it for years.

Moonshot creative pathway to purchase mapping with client preview, approval render, & push to addressable channels. Moonshot is a dream come true. The ad writer sculpts multiple touches, landing page variables and takes the customer journey into account. The result is a more coherent marketing process.

PR & Influencer Social Psychographic Distribution Module

Troll (like a lure behind a boat) inexpensive media spend, distributing to influencers filtered by customer acquisition psychographics.  We’ve made a meal of this technique, leading the way in a hybrid PR/SEO and performance marketing integration hack. While FB has limited employer targeting, I’ll share effective workarounds.

Please Join Us at Digital Growth Unleashed 2018

Aimclear has been presenting workshops surrounding social psychographic targeted advertising for a decade, from Sydney and Munich to New York, San Francisco and Jerusalem.  Marty’s 4 years judging the EU and UK Search Awards afford him rare exposure to how best agencies and in-house marketers in the world use channels together, today.   This is a rare opportunity to get practical information from a team which sees a lot of Integrated case studies.

About Marty Weintraub

Marty is an entrepreneur, author, speaker & BWCA wilderness guide. He founded Aimclear®, a driven marketing agency dominant in psychographic targeting, winner of 10 US Search Awards, including 2X Best Large Integrated Agency, Best Use Of Social In A Search Campaign.

Credits include Uber, eBay, Airbnb, Dell, LInkedIn, Etsy, Eurail, Firestone, Amazon, Quest, Martha Stewart Omni, Intel, Travelocity, Macy’s, GoDaddy, 3M, InfusionSoft, Siemens, SeagullOutfitters and many more. A fixture on the international conference circuit, Marty has appeared in front of hundreds of international search & social marketing conference audiences, from Jerusalem to Sydney.

Entrepreneur Magazine wrote the reason for Marty’s success is a “Unique persona that is instantly recognizable.” He has been described as “not your typical agency type,” a “social media maverick,” “Foodie-Yelp addict” and “more innovator than follower.”​

Having helped Aimclear to Inc. 500/5000 status 6X (2012-2017: fastest growing privately held US Firms), Marty guides Aimclear agency content, vision, services & creative-hands-on. Aimclear is a 4X top 100 workplace by Minnesota Business Magazine. Marty won 4 “Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts” awards, Top 100 Twin Cities People To Know & claimed the coveted “US Search Personality Of The Year” tiara. Marty is a perennial judge and presenter at The European & UK Search Awards.

His Wiley/Sybex books, “Killer Facebook Ads”​ and “The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide: Essential Tools and Tactics for Business Success” are critically respected. Marty has been cited & quoted in flagship publications including WSJ, NPR, Inc., Forbes, MediaPost & Adage. Aimclear Blog is well read, having been cited as a Top 10 Small Business Blogs, Top Ten Social Media Blogs and PRWeb’s 25 Essential Public Relations Blogs You Should Be Reading.

Unleash Digital Growth by Investing in Your Learning

unleash digital growth

Do you find it tough achieving robust digital growth?

Lots of marketers do.

Online marketing is a fast-paced industry. The tactics, strategies, tools, and platforms you’re using could actually be outdated.

Unfortunately, your competition is always intent in getting ahead.

To keep up, it’s a good idea to invest in continuous learning and skill upgrading for yourself and your team.

Start by attending Digital Growth Unleashed 2018, the conference that pays for itself and more!

Unleash Your Marketing Beast

Digital Growth Unleashed evolved from Conversion Conference, the original conversion rate optimization conference.

Conversion Conference was launched in 2010 by Tim Ash, CEO of SiteTuners and one of the pioneers in the CRO industry. Prior to its rebranding, the conference had 26 successful shows in San Jose, Washington DC, London, Hamburg, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago, Boston, Berlin, Paris, and New York City.

With over two dozen highly-rated shows in the US and Europe, Conversion Conference was the biggest in-person gathering of website optimizers. Thousands of digital marketers, web professionals, business owners, and conversion optimizers from 40 countries have been to the conference.

With Digital Growth Unleashed, we are taking the game to whole new level: optimizing across the entire customer journey! In two days, you’ll learn how to create the most compelling customer experiences from the best minds in digital marketing. Choose from four parallel breakout tracks featuring sessions on attracting, persuading, and serving customers, plus the technology and tools you need to amplify your marketing efforts.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Online Business

Yes, there are a lot of marketing conferences out there. But as previous attendees of Conversion Conference will tell you, this is one of the few conferences where you’ll get meaningful insights for optimizing your online business.

Digital Growth Unleashed will continue that tradition of providing real value in terms of in-depth discussions while still allowing plenty of opportunities for attendees and speakers to learn from and build relationships with each other. Just check out our agenda and see for yourself!

So if you want to see some serious business growth this year and in the coming years, be at the only conference that takes optimization seriously. Take the first step to empowering your digital marketing team – bring all of them on May 16-17th to Digital Growth Unleashed 2018 in Las Vegas.

Must-Attend Sessions at Digital Growth Unleashed 2018

Must Attend Sessions at DGU18

Are you ready to unleash your marketing animal?

Well, we hope you are!

If you’ve seen the conference agenda , you know that Digital Growth Unleashed is packed with amazing content. Attending DGU18 will be like drinking from the fire hose of digital marketing optimization.

We know you’ll leave the conference inspired, energized and ready to implement strategies and tactics to attract the right audience, persuade visitors into becoming customers, serve the needs of users and clients and grow your business with the latest marketing technology.

But we also know it can be overwhelming to choose which sessions to attend so we’ve handpicked a few just to show you what’s in store for you:


6 Website Traffic Growth Hacks by Duncan Alney, Firebelly Marketing

Combine Paid & SEO Strategies to Increase Your Bottom Line by Arnie Kuenn, Vertical Measures

Using Google to attract the right audience by Dave Collins, SoftwarePromotions

Unlocking the Potential in Your PPC Campaigns by Lance Loveday, Closed Loop


10 Human Behavior Hacks That Will Change the Way You Create Email by Nancy Harhut, HBT Marketing

Conversion Hacks From The Hive Mind by Snejana Norris, SiteTuners

Raising the Bar on Personalized Experiences with Machine Learning and AI by Karl Wirth, Evergage

5 Steps for Driving Successful Optimization Efforts in a Large Organization by Brian Johnsonbaugh, FICO


Unleash The Power Of Analytics by Thomas Bosilevac, MashMetrics

How To Apply Storytelling To Your Customer Journey by Armida Markarova, Marketing Strategy Hub

Authentic Authority: How to Enchant a Community with Video Blogging by Amy Landino, Aftermarq

Finding Content Gaps: Moving Buyers Through the Funnel by Casie Gilette, KoMarketing


The Ultimate Growth Stack by Dan McGaw, Effin Amazing

What Your Analytics Aren’t Telling You by Ori Soen, Medallia Digital

PANEL – Building Blocks of your Marketing Technology Stack

These are just a few of the sessions at this world-class event. You can check out the entire agenda to refine your session checklist.

We’ve also organized some special events showcasing this year’s theme, “Unleash Your Marketing Animal.” So make sure to get in early enough on Tuesday night for the opening reception. You’d also want to get ready for the Unleashed Jungle Bash on Wednesday night and find out what kind of marketing animal you are.

And who’d want to miss the Official Afterparty at conference chair Tim Ash’s suite? Definitely, not you!

So start planning for Vegas, baby! Because Digital Growth Unleashed is just what you need to free that marketing beast and revitalize your digital marketing game.

Marketing Mix Tape: Try These 6 Experiments to Drive More Visitors to Your Website


What I am speaking about at #DGU18? I will be teaching you how to “Go beyond AdWords to get web traffic”.

Whether it is using social listening, content intelligence, video content, or advanced social ads – it takes a combination of “experiments” to get the website traffic you need to build your brand.

Most seasoned marketing professionals will tell you about the power of experimenting. Just because a particular strategy worked one month, doesn’t mean it will drive the same results the next month. The secret to success isn’t finding one strategy and sticking with it — it’s being agile enough to try a winning combination — and never being afraid to switch up your approach.

To contact Duncan, visit Firebelly – Social Media Marketing Success.

Persuade Your Boss to Send You to Digital Growth Unleashed 2018!

Persuade Your Boss to Send You to DGU18

Your elevator pitch is ready.

You can already imagine being in a room with 40 of the best and brightest minds in digital marketing.

You can’t wait to meet other attendees and expand your network with your peers.

You’re even excited about the expo hall.

Digital Growth Unleashed 2018 will be a game changer for you and your company, and you know it.

There’s only one problem left: you still haven’t gotten the boss’s nod.

Don’t fret, here are the steps to convince your boss that sending you to the conference will ALL be worth it:

STEP 1. Familiarize yourself with the conference speakers and agenda.

Before you set a meeting with your boss, make sure you know what the conference is all about. Familiarize yourself with the conference agenda so you can start convincing the higher ups about the value of attending. Learn what your company’s short and long-term goals are and determine the most valuable sessions that would have an impact on these goals.

The same goes for knowing who’s speaking at the conference. Check out the speaker roster for familiar names. That way, you can tell the boss which industry experts you’ll be meeting and learning from.

STEP 2. Show how your Digital Growth Unleashed ticket will eventually pay for itself.

Most bosses are excited by only one thing: ROI.

If you want to persuade your boss, you should speak their language. Forget about the exciting conference events for a moment and do some number crunching. Your attendance at the conference will cost not only the conference ticket but also travel, lodging, and time away from work. If the company is going to shoulder all those expenses, you need to be able to justify the decision for your boss.

Fortunately for you, Digital Growth Unleashed is the conference which pays for itself many times over! Show your boss that going to the conference is a necessary investment. Let him know how improving your web and marketing optimization skills will help in achieving the company’s short and long-term revenue and growth targets.

STEP 3. Map out your sessions based on your company/department’s most pressing challenges.

Is your company lagging behind competitors when it comes to mobile? Do you have a lot of shopping cart abandoners?

List down the sessions that would help you solve persistent problems so your boss knows that you really have the company’s best interests at heart.

STEP 4. Identify the people and companies you’re networking with and the potential benefit you’ll gain from making the connection.

With hundreds of digital marketers and conversion optimizers from all over the world in attendance, Digital Growth Unleashed is a great opportunity to form partnerships and collaborative projects.

Tell your boss who exactly you want to meet at the conference and what your plans are for maximizing the network you’ll be creating at the event. Chances are he won’t be able to say no to the potential doors you can open just by being at the conference.

STEP 5. Put everything from step 1-4 above into your request letter.

Is your boss the kind who wants everything written down on paper?

Well, we’ve prepared a template so it’s easier for you. Just fill in the blanks in the letter below and you are on your way…

You can download the MS Word version or cut and paste the text below:


Dear [Boss’ First Name],

I would like to attend Digital Growth Unleashed 2018. It takes place May 16-17, 2018 at the Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas, NV. I reviewed the agenda, as well as the list of exhibiting companies, and feel that the return on the investment would be a major benefit as the event aligns directly to our priorities:

[insert your priorities here]

Digital Growth Unleased (DGU) is formerly the Conversion Conference, the original and only full-industry event that covered all aspects of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  It has expanded to Digital Growth Unleashed which includes sessions on how to attract the right audience, align business models with the user experience, optimize the lifetime value of client relationships, and introduce the latest marketing technology to make it all happen.

This year’s only US event will have over 750 attendees from dozens of countries. I will have the opportunity to network with my peers from across the globe in order to exchange ideas, best practices and lessons learned during the conference days that offer over 40 break-out sessions and 3 keynotes.

I believe that my attendance will have a major impact on our success this year. After I get back, I will share key learnings and insights with the rest of our team.

I am especially interested in these session topics that are relevant to our company’s situation:

            [Session topic 1]

            [Session topic 2]

            [Session topic 3]

I can arrange for others to cover my responsibilities during the days I am attending the conference. Additionally, if we decide to send a team to the event (since there are four parallel tracks of solid info), we can save by taking advantage of group rates.

Here is a complete breakdown of the anticipated conference costs:

  • Airfare:   $________
  • Transportation: $________
  • Hotel: $________
  • Meals: $________      (breakfasts & lunches are included in conference fee)
  • Conference Fee: $________
  • TOTAL: $________

I hope you agree that sending me will be a big payoff for us!

Since the price is increasing soon, I would like to chat about it soon.

Thanks for your consideration,

[Your Name]



Ready to change your business? Attend Digital Growth Unleashed!


Ready to change your business?

There are four tracks to complete the customer journey including Attract, Persuade, and Serve with Growth Tech to bring it all together.

See the Full Agenda

We have reserved the luxurious Mandalay Bay Casino & Resort, Las Vegas – May 16-17, 2018 (join us May 15th for optional pre-conference afternoon workshops as well as the welcome reception – so get there early), and bring the team since this is a live-only multi-track event with no video recording.

Rob Ousbey Unleashed, Don’t Miss This Live at Digital Growth Unleashed 2018

Stop Thinking Channels – Start Thinking Audiences!

Rob Ousbey, VP

Keynote Presentation:

There’s no single right way to plan your digital marketing. But how many of the wrong ways are you using at the moment?

You can have an exceptional plan for organic search, paid media, content marketing and everything else – but that’s no guarantee that your brand will see exceptional results.

The only way to create real alignment between different tactics is to put people at the center of your planning.

And while this sounds simple, the reality can be so overwhelming that many companies don’t take this approach.

In this keynote, Distilled’s Rob Ousbey will show the simplest – yet most crucial steps – in creating a ‘people first’ plan for your brand.

Presenter Bio:

Rob Ousbey is VP Operations for Distilled – the online marketing company with offices in Seattle, New York and London. Rob joined Distilled’s London office in 2008, and in 2010 moved to Seattle to run the newly launched Distilled US. He built a team of online marketing experts who deliver strategic and tactical work for everyone from small startups to the world’s largest brands. Outside of Distilled, Rob loves exploring the Pacific Northwest with his wife & son.

Tim Ash Unleashed, Don’t Miss This Live at Digital Growth Unleashed 2018

Because It Worked For Your Ancestors – Evolutionary Shortcuts For Marketing

Tim Ash, CEO

Keynote Presentation:

Why do we make the decisions that we do? Why do they often seem so irrational and against our seeming best interests?

We share a common heritage with earlier types of life on earth, because each of them has been battle tested in the cruel game of survival and lived to reproduce. The things that worked in the past for our distant ancestors are what have gotten us here today.

Take a provocative stroll through the evolution of life on earth with conference chairperson Tim Ash to uncover our ancient biases, and explode common myths and misconceptions.

  • Good enough is more important than perfect
  • How motivation keeps us moving towards survival goals
  • Why happiness is not our natural state
  • The outsized importance of fear and pain
  • The power of doing nothing
  • The real theory of relativity
  • Why the future does not exist


Presenter Bio:

Tim Ash is the author of two bestselling books on Landing Page Optimization (translated into six languages), and CEO of SiteTuners, a strategic conversion rate optimization agency with offices in San Diego, and Tampa. Tim has developed deep expertise in user-centered design, persuasion and understanding online behavior, and landing page testing. In the mid-1990s he became one of the early pioneers in the discipline of website conversion rate optimization.

Over the past 20 years, Tim has helped a number of major US and international brands to develop successful web-based initiatives. Companies like Sears, Google, Expedia, eHarmony, Facebook, American Express, Canon, Nestle, Symantec, Intuit, Autodesk, Yahoo! and many others have benefited from Tim’s deep understanding and innovative perspective.

Today, in addition to providing strategic consulting services, Tim is a highly-regarded digital marketing keynote speaker and presenter at industry conferences worldwide including Content Marketing World, DreamForce, Inbound, Internet Retailer, Affiliate Summit,, PubCon, SMX, and countless others. He is the founder and chairperson of the international Digital Growth Unleashed event series (formerly Conversion Conference) and a frequent contributor to print and online publications such as ClickZ, Website Magazine, Visibility and others. Since 1995, he has authored more than 200 published articles. In addition, Tim is the online voice of conversion optimization as the host of the Landing Page Optimization podcast on Tim has been mentioned by Forbes as a Top-10 Online Marketing Expert, and by Entrepreneur Magazine as an Online Marketing Influencer To Watch.

Tim earned a dual-major Bachelor of Science degree “with highest distinction” in Computer Engineering and Cognitive Science from UC San Diego while studying on under a UC Regent’s Scholarship (the highest academic scholarship awarded by the UC system). During his PhD studies at UC San Diego he also earned his Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Debra Jasper Unleashed, Don’t Miss This Live at Digital Growth Unleashed 2018

You have 8 Seconds…Go!

Debra Jasper, Founder & CEO
Mindset Digital

Keynote Presentation:

Doing Business in a Digital World – ​Mobile, custom, fast and easy. That’s what it takes to meet the demands of today’s digital consumer. But recognizing this isn’t nearly enough. This high-impact, high energy session examines how to reach today’s hyper-distracted consumer and even your own colleagues. In a world where most of us have eight-second attention spans (yes, eight seconds), we’ll demonstrate the:

  • new customer journey
  • shift to an every touch point matters approach
  • power in communicating with clarity and impact (think short, organized and skimmable)
  • the rise of AI, charming chatbots, virtual assistants and more

To survive, you must adapt — fast. We’ll connects the dots, illustrating how new technologies are driving customer expectations and innovation.

Presenter Bio:

As founder and CEO of Mindset Digital, Debra Jasper, Ph.D., applies her deep passion for powerful storytelling to helping professionals capture attention in a digital age. Debra has given talks to more than 50,000 professionals around the world, from the Australian Global Internet Conference to Sweden’s Schibsted Academy and the Ukrainian Council of Ministers. Today, tens of thousands of professionals are enrolled in her firm’s highly visual online training courses, where they earn certifications in the Social Selling Habit and Marketing in a Social World.
Debra Jasper, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO, Mindset Digital

Before launching her digital transformation firm, Debra:

  • directed Ohio State’s Kiplinger Program in the John Glenn School of Public Affairs, where she launched the first social media fellowship for journalists in the world—working with CNN, 60 Minutes, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and other top newsrooms
  • spent more than a decade as an award-winning journalist, covering presidential campaigns and state politics and producing in-depth, investigative projects
  • earned two degrees in journalism, along with a Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership from Ohio State (she wrote her dissertation on the art of powerful storytelling in Appalachia)

As part of her work, Debra is immersed in studying mega trends, micro trends, culture shifts as well as leading digital transformations that move legacy workforces from reluctance to relevance. In this time of short attention spans and hyper-distraction, she also teaches leaders how to write and present with clarity and impact.