Apply to Speak

Apply to Speak  – Open Call

Digital Growth Unleashed is currently accepting proposals for our 2019 event in Las Vegas, NV. The dates of that event are June 18-19, 2019. Proposals must be submitted online by Feb. 8th. Don’t email or call us to discuss your submission – we will be filling the  agenda in stages and will contact speakers as they are selected to confirm their availability. After the agenda is full and we have designated alternate speaker backups, we will contact the remaining speakers and will let them know about the decision. Before applying to speak, please read all the information in this section (see tabs above) to ensure you understand the format and focus of our event and the composition of our audience.

We DO NOT cover travel expenses for speakers, so don’t apply if you are expecting that. We DO NOT accept proposals from public relations agencies on behalf of potential speakers, and will need to communicate with any selected speakers directly during the lead-up to the event (We will be glad to copy your assistant, and coordinate purely logistical stuff through them. But if they keep us from talking to you about important aspects of you appearance in a responsive manner we will drop you like a hot potato and bring in an alternate).

Speaker Benefits

  • Exposure on the event website, including biography and photo
  • Special Speaker Welcome Reception with Chair Tim Ash
  • Inclusion in pre-event marketing materials, emails and program guide
  • Opportunity to publish content on the Digital Growth Unleashed blog
  • Full conference access, exclusive Speaker Ready Room, and access to a discounted guest pass
  • Discount code to share with customers, prospects and colleagues
  • Marketing and promotional assets (speakers will be provided html email files, social media updates and other pre-event marketing support)
  • Networking/business development opportunities with attendees
  • Access to all conference social events including the afterparty on June 19th

Session/Attendee Details

Event dates: June 18-19, 2019 (plus optional workshop day and afternoon welcome reception on June 17).

  • Sessions will be programmed into one of four concurrent breakout tracks
  • Sessions will be 45 minutes long, including Q&A
  • Sessions must align with one of the following tracks:
  1. Attract:  Present the latest techniques for creating powerful and measurable outcomes cost-effectively by connecting with prospects at every stage of the customer journey – and not simply optimizing the bottom of the sales funnel. The alignment between traffic sources and visitor intent will be examined in great detail.
  2. Persuade:  All evolving aspects of this dynamic field will be covered in detail including copywriting, calls-to-action, split testing, user research, neuromarketing, behavioral economics, usability. Specific sessions will cover mobile conversion, lead generation and ecommerce.
  3. Serve:  Present how to effectively align digital marketing communication and offers with the evolving needs of their target audience and customers. A content-for-conversion strategy will allow the audience to map the appropriate content types to each stage of the customer journey. Understand how to create the right supporting information to upsell and engage.
  4. Growth Tech:  Present how to help the audience find the right optimization tools for their company size and business model. From user research and audience measurement, marketing automation, data append and model building, to split testing and personalization.

Based on our past events, average attendee experience level is as follows:

  • Beginner – 21%
  • Intermediate (2-3 years experience) – 41%
  • Advanced – (4 – 5 years experience) 29%
  • Expert (6+ years experience) – 9%

Most common attendee job functions:

  • Marketing/advertising – 28%
  • CXO, President or VP – 17%
  • Website/ecommerce – 16%
  • Analytics/analysts – 8%

Content that Works

Following are some of our most attended sessions from past shows:

  • Conversion Strategies for SEO Traffic
  • Converting One-Time Visitors into Customers
  • 10 Time-friendly Tactics for Creating Content that Sells
  • Designing for Mobile Lead Gen
  • Facebook’s Hidden Conversion Rate Impact
  • Case studies: How XX Lifted Conversions by XX%
  • Creating Winning A/B Test Plans
  • Tools for a Quantitative Testing Program
  • Testing Video for Conversion: How to Turn Viewers into Customers
  • Motivational Design: Driving Conversions Through Behavior Change
  • Successful Strategies for Converting Through Social
  • Persuasion Techniques for Winning Customers
  • Design Levers: Using Psychology to Incite Conversion Behaviors
  • Maximizing Conversion with Common User Scenarios
  • Improving Conversions Through Useful Content Marketing

Other topics/areas of interest include:

  • Aligning traffic campaigns with downstream website epxeriences
  • Email optimization
  • Best practices for specific situations, e.g. product pages, search results pages, category pages,
    lead generation, SEM landing pages, etc.
  • Applying scientific principles to conversion optimization (psychology, neuroscience, etc)
  • User-centered design, UX
  • Marketing technology (personalization, marketing automation, retargeting, abandonment recovery)
  • Usability testing
  • Innovative conversion techniques for specific social media platforms
  • Balancing multiple data points/sources to drive CRO decisions (heatmaps, usability testing, analytics, etc)
  • Techniques around cross-device/multi-device targeting, retargeting and optimization

Our Selection Process

Our speaker process is very selective – last year we had approximately 36 open slots from over 250 applications. Some of those slots were reserved for our top-rated speakers from previous years. Speaker proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Speaker has strong credentials and reputation specific to digital marketing
  • Speaker has successfully presented at marketing industry conferences (Digital Growth Unleashed may contact other conference organizers for references)
  • Proposed content is relevant, novel and unique (i.e. substantially similar presentation will not be given elsewhere in the three months prior to Digital Growth Unleashed)
  • Topic of session adds value to the conference program, is actionable, and is specifically focused on an area of digital marketing
  • Session title is engaging and appropriate – one that will grab people’s attention while at the same time speak to your subject matter accurately
  • Session description clearly outlines learning objectives, addresses major points to be covered and provides a clear overview of content to be presented